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Our Mission

Region Nine Development Commission strives to promote the development of the region through intergovernmental cooperation, community and human development, long-range planning, and technical assistance.

About the Region

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Blue Earth County Region Nine Commissioners:

  • Tim Auringer, Cities Under 10,000
  • Mike Laven, City of Mankato
  • Colleen Landkamer, County Commissioner
  • Lyle Femrite, Townships

Brown County Region Nine Commissioners:

  • Scott Windschitl, County Commissioner
  • Gary Richter, Cities Under 10,000
  • Robert Goblirsch, Townships
  • Andrea Boettger, Cities Over 10,000
  • Chris Dalton, MN Valley Council of Governments

Faribault County Region Nine Commissioners:

  • Tom Loveall, County Commissioner
  • Steve Holmseth, Townships
  • Calvin Howard, Cities Under 10,000

Le Sueur County Region Nine Commissioners:

  • Richard Peterson, Townships
  • Steve Rohlfing, County Commissioner
  • Scott Schluter, Cities Under 10,000

Martin County Region Nine Commissioners:

  • Elliot Belgard, County Commissioner
  • Michele Miller, City of Fairmont
  • Phil Schafer, Townships
  • Elroy Glidden, Cities Under 10,000

Nicollet County Region Nine Commissioners:

  • Marie Dranttel, County Commissioner
  • VACANT, Townships
  • Pam Rodewald, Cities Under 10,000
  • Jim Whitlock, City of North Mankato
  • Bradley DeVos, City of St. Peter

Sibley County Region Nine Commissioners:

  • Dawn Kratzke, Cities Under 10,000
  • Christian Lilienthal, County Commissioner
  • John Pioske, Townships

Waseca County Region Nine Commissioners:

  • Roy Srp, Cities Under 10,000
  • Blair Nelson, County Commissioner
  • VACANT, Townships

Watonwan County Region Nine Commissioners:

  • Jim Pettersen, County Commissioner
  • Gary Sturm, Cities Under 10,000
  • Steve Cooling, Townships
  • Mike Pfeil, Regional School Boards


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