Local Foods Week was developed to increase awareness and investment around local foods in South Central Minnesota. The event creates meaningful connections between farmers and restaurants and educates consumers on how to access all the amazing food that is grown in our region.

Each year, RNDC’s team begins by reaching out to members of the South Central Minnesota Growers’ Network and other local growers to find farms that are interested in selling to restaurants. Once we have compiled a list of interested farms and what they have to offer, we reach out to restaurants across the region and have them choose who they want to partner with.

This weeklong event provides farmers them with a chance to diversify their sales channels, and bolster consumer awareness. Through marketing collateral, consumers learn where local products come from and where to find them, such as at farmer’s markets, co-ops, grocery stores, and farm stores in South Central Minnesota. For participating restaurants, this event provides them with high quality local products, exciting new menu items, and a meaningful relationship with another local businesses.

Local Foods Week 2023

Screenshot 2023 06 08 At 2.54.45 PmJoin us the week of July 24th as we enjoy delicious food and celebrate partnerships between local farmers and restaurants. By visiting a participating restaurant, you can support local businesses, local farmers, and learn the stories behind your food.
This event is made possible thanks to partnerships between the RNDC, the South Central MN Growers’ Network, Mogwai Collaborative, and Minnesota State University, Mankato’s Strategic Partnership Center.

Time: July 24-30 (Check hours of participating restaurants)

Partnership Announcements

Wooden Spoon and Under the Sun Herbs LLC have launched an exciting new partnership! Swing by the Wooden Spoon to try Chef B’s Creamy Tomato Basil Soup featuring Alise’s basil anytime from July 24th-30th and celebrate Local Foods Week.

Mom & Pop’s and Alternative Roots Farm are partnering on a delicious plum recipe for Local Foods Week! Try it for yourself from July 24th-30th and support local restaurants and growers.

Pleasant Grove Pizza Farm and Rebel Rooster Farm, LLC both participated in last year’s Local Foods Week and are partnering this year to create a delicious new pizza.

Chankaska Creek Ranch, Winery and Distillery and K & M Fischer Farm are creating a delicious new dish for Local Foods Week. Stop by Chankaska Winery from July 24th-30th to taste what they’re cooking up and support local restaurants and growers!

Number 4 Steakhouse and Leuer Gardens are teaming up on a special dish for Local Foods Week. Stop by Number 4 during the week of July 24th to see what they’re cooking up!

The Amboy Cottage Cafe is teaming up with Blissful Bees Pastures to create a new dish we can’t wait to try! Join us from July 24th-30th to try it yourself and support local restaurants and growers.

River Rock Coffee & Tea and Cedar Crate Farm! Visit River Rock Coffee the week of July 24th to taste what this team has created!

Cedar Crate Farm is doing double duty this year and is partnering with Thyme on Main in Waseca. Thyme on Main’s motto is “create from a place of simplicity” and we can’t wait to see what they create with Cedar Crate’s delicious produce!

Pappageorge Restaurant and Bar and Blue Dirt Farm are cooking up something special. Visit Pappageorge to taste for yourself and support local businesses!

Stay up to date by following the event page.

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Local Foods Week Recipes