The South Central Minnesota Growers’ Network is a group of local, sustainable farmers and food producers who learn and share together to grow their businesses. Members largely sell their products through Community Supported Agriculture shares (CSAs), at Farmer’s Markets and through their websites.

“They love great food and sharing it with others. They value the earth, the soil health and water quality benefits of sustainable farming and clean, nutritious and tasty food. You can be confident in this food because it is what they eat and feed their families. They grow great kids and amazing fresh berries, apples, greens, veggies, mushrooms, honey, eggs, meat, herbs and spice,” said Anne Ganey, RNDC consultant.

The Growers’ Network meets monthly, October through May. The meetings include farm and producer updates, guest speakers, training, policy work, information, and resource sharing and more. Meetings are held at the Wooden Spoon, often with a hybrid zoom option for producers who need to stay closer to home.

There is no cost to be a member of the Growers’ Network. To join contact Sabri Fair at

The Growers’ Network participates in Local Foods Week, which pairs a member producer with a restaurant to feature a special dish using their product. Local Foods week has generally been held in July when fields and Farmer’s Markets are teeming with fresh greens, vegetables, herbs, and spices and more.