A Time to Work On Your Business, Not In It

Grow as the Strategic Leader of Your Company

Successfully running your own business can be both a difficult and lonely experience. The South Central MN Growers Network gathers business owners to help them develop a core of solid business relationships that result both in bottom line benefits and the professional growth of its members.

The South Central MN Growers Network provides access to others with similar perspectives and experiences who can offer critical insight and advice, without hidden agendas. Member companies are not competitors nor do they use the venue to sell professional services. The group goes beyond a loose network of associates and becomes a place where trusted advisors can offer mutually valuable insight.

Accountability and confidentiality between members is one of the critical advantages. As relationships develop, accountability to one another on the issues discussed within the group likewise develops. The group makes a considerable commitment to one another to be present at each and every meeting. Each member brings an expertise and perspective that is unique and the group discussions provide the opportunity to both give and receive. Discussion topics are based on the interests expressed by the group with a facilitator.

South Central Minnesota Grower's Network