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A dance studio, fitness center and pizzeria in Montgomery, MN all have one thing in common – owners Troy and Diane Domine. While this combination of establishments may seem surprising, it is the perfect fit for the Domines.

Troy Domine’s journey began with an internship at Region Nine Development Commission (RNDC) in the 1980s where he learned about the services available for small cities and businesses. As he advanced throughout his career, Troy often connected business and communities along his way to RNDC’s services. It wasn’t until 2003 that Troy contacted RNDC for assistance in the growth of his wife’s dance studio, Center Stage Dance.

As Center Stage Dance was continuing to grow, the Domines felt it was time to find a higher-quality facility and diminish the risks associated with renting by purchasing a location. When a former grocery store became available, Troy and Diane wanted to take advantage of the opportunity but did not have enough cash to acquire and renovate the facility. Troy reached out to RNDC to obtain a revolving loan fund which helped in the purchase and conversion of the building into a dance studio. The end result was a dance studio equipped with two dance floors and an office.

It is no secret that the Domines are passionate about the community of Montgomery. The quality of life the rural community offers for raising their five children was a key factor in keeping Troy and Diane in Le Sueur County. It was not a surprise when Montgomery residents reached out to Troy to open a fitness center in their building after a previous center closed. Around this same time the Snap Fitness Center Franchise was beginning to grow and Troy saw another opportunity. Again utilizing RNDC’s revolving loan, the Domines converted a storage area of their building into a Snap Fitness. In 2006, the Domines’ fitness club was the 136th Snap Fitness to open.

“Using the loan program allowed a community member to become an owner and invest in Montgomery’s quality of life,” shared Troy.

A new challenge came in 2008, Center Stage Dance lost its lease at a satellite location in a neighboring community mid-season. Renting another location wasn’t ideal or affordable for Troy and Diane. For a third time, Troy came to RNDC for a loan to purchase and rehab a building at the satellite location.

“It was a benefit for us not to have all of our cash tied into the new building,” stated Troy. “Region Nine’s loan allowed us to still have cash flow.”

Following the success of Center Stage Dance and Snap Fitness, Troy and Diane decided to take on one more project – Pizzeria 201. This project, which took place in 2010, was completed without financing.

Troy and Diane are grateful for their partnership with RNDC. During the latest recession, their relationship with RNDC allowed the Domines to adjust payments to keep cash flow comfortable and keep the businesses alive. Now, the Domines look forward to the day when their children can take over the family businesses.

“Our children have gotten so much out of growing up in a small town and in the family business,” expressed Troy.