RNDC offers Community Analyst and GIS services specifically designed for policy makers, government agencies, and civic organizations. These services can also assist private sector businesses and non-profit organizations.

Community Analyst is used as a decision making tool that provides data and mapping to aid in different decision making processes.

RNDC has trained GIS staff that can produce customizable presentation ready reports or maps to a specific location including congressional districts, block groups, census tracts or ZIP codes. The maps and reports can display several data variables tailored to your community’s needs.

RNDC has access to thousands of demographic, health, economic, education and business data variables to help you analyze unique community characteristics for your region.

RNDC can help compare site locations using detailed data variables, including five-year population predictions. By using Community Analyst and GIS, RNDC can determine where to best allocate resources for greatest community impact. Also, RNDC can quickly find areas with greatest needs by using a customized search.