North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) calls itself the “diversity state” due to its rural, industrial, and multi-culture population. The state has multiple communities involved with the international exchange from Minnesota, Climate Smart Municipalities group, and are leaders in developing clean energy initiatives at a local level.

In December 2022, with the support of the BUSH Foundation, RNDC led a delegation to share best practices in clean energy and building more welcoming communities. The learning exchange program, where top representatives and leading voices for welcoming communities and clean energy from Region Nine were able to visit the partners and representatives from the NRW. The program shared new ideas on how rural communities can work together to build more diverse, sustainable communities.

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R9 NRW Day 01: Münster

R9 NRW Day 02: Münster and Senden

R9 NRW Day 03: Saerbeck

R9 NRW Day 04: Saerbeck

R9 NRW Day 05: Düsseldorf

R9 NRW Day 06: Düsseldorf

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German Learning Exchange V2

Following the delegation, RNDC hosted our friends from North Rhine-Westphalia for an evening of B2B connections and networking with businesses and leaders from Region Nine in March 2023. The goal of the event was to continue to build partnerships in energy technologies and circular economy.