Washington, DC – Following the February 3rd fire in Madelia, the City of Madelia and Region Nine Development Commission worked together to apply for a $100,000 technical assistance grant from the U.S. Economic Development Administration (EDA). Region Nine has received notification from the EDA that the technical assistance grant to establish an economic development planning framework, process, and strategy that supports private capital investment and job creation in the region has been awarded.

This EDA planning investment supports the development and implementation of a resiliency and communications plan for the City of Madelia. The Region Nine lead project will focus on developing a more diverse community, creating jobs and strengthening the local economy.

The Madelia resiliency plan will include business retention strategies and establish an inventory of potential building sites within the city. This plan includes a strong focus on public engagement to ensure the strategies crafted are in line with the core values of the Madelia community. By conducting a needs assessment and gathering data from area community members, the city will be better equipped to plan for Madelia’s future while still assessing its current economic climate. Another important piece of the rebuilding process involves developing the City of Madelia’s brand. A communications plan will be prepared, detailing the city’s ability to market itself effectively to attract businesses, entrepreneurs, and prospective new residents to the community. With their sights set on the future, Madelia community members are determined to rebuild after the fire and make their city stronger than before.

“It was wonderful to have such strong support for this application at the local, state and federal levels,” expressed Region Nine Executive Director Nicole Griensewic Mickelson. “This award will help position Madelia for a bright and prosperous future. We look forward to working with the city and residents as they make plans to help guide the future development of the community.”

EDA grants are awarded through a competitive process based upon the application’s merit, the applicant’s eligibility, and the availability of funds. The grant award was matched by the State of Minnesota to total a $200,000 work plan for the city. More information on EDA’s grant process and investment process can be found at www.eda.gov.