St. Peter American Legion Decides To Sell Whisky River

After St. Peter American Legion received the gift of Whisky River last fall, Legion Members had plenty of different opinions on how the organization could use the old restaurant.

Ultimately, they brought in Region 9 Development Commission to conduct a feasibility study.

“So the feasibility study was really looking at could they get an unbiased decision as to what are some options to help guide the committee and membership through,” explained Nicole Griensewic Mickelson of Region 9.

The in–depth study contained interviews with many in the community about the Legion as well as a wide range of data.

“Being able to gather that qualitative and quantitative data as well as looking at different traffic patterns, commuter labor sheds and as well as looking at the industry, industry trends with restaurants,” added Griensewic Mickelson. “So looking at what is the density for how many bars and restaurants in a certain geography and being able to provide them with that data.”

Article from KEYC.