Public Meeting set for Lake Crystal’s Strategic Economic Development Plan

The Lake Crystal Strategic Economic Development Plan is the result of a seven-month initiative between RNDC and the City of Lake Crystal that creates a comprehensive picture of Lake Crystal’s local economy, position, and reputation within the region. The plan incorporated public engagement and feedback that allowed RNDC to verify findings, test assumptions, and uncover additional challenges or opportunities that the city may face.

RNDC and the City of Lake Crystal will hold a public meeting on November 6, 2019 from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at the City Hall community room, 100 E. Robinson St., Lake Crystal, MN 56055, to showcase the plan as well as discuss next steps and implementation.

“We are excited to present this strategic plan to the residents and stakeholders of the City of Lake Crystal,” shared Lake Crystal City Administrator, Taylor Gronau. “With the plan complete, the City of Lake Crystal, Lake Crystal Economic Development Authority and its partners will have a roadmap to grow Lake Crystal and improve the quality of life for its residents.”

“Lake Crystal is an important city for the region and exemplifies the critical components for future success, forward thinking, and strong leadership. RNDC has enjoyed working with the City of Lake Crystal through this seven-month long process of developing a strategic economic development plan, and we hope the plan can help Lake Crystal achieve great growth in the future. Lake Crystal is much more than a small town – it is a highly educated workforce, an attractive destination, and an untapped potential for future investments,” shared Executive Director of RNDC, Nicole Griensewic Mickelson.

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