Social Media Breakfast – Mankato

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When: April 9, 2021, 8-9am
Where: Zoom
Know Your Audience
We often hear the age-old question: who is your target audience? However, an even greater question is: who is part of your community? Never underestimate the power that one individual can have. Join us and learn how you can better connect with everyone in your community and how it can benefit your business!
About Marjorie Zoe Negrón Muñoz

Marjorie joined Region Nine in August 2020 as our first ever Rural Equity Specialist. She collaborates with community leaders and organizations to increase equity and inclusion among the region’s diverse and at-risk individuals. Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Marjorie is a native Spanish and English speaker; she also can communicate in Italian, Portuguese and French. She holds two bachelor’s degrees from in communications and theater arts, and she has an associate’s degree in Romance languages. Marjorie brings more than a decade of media, arts and events experience to Region Nine—expertise she leverages to organize impactful community forums and facilitate productive conversations; as well as her personal experiences and her passion for travel, learning and documenting other cultures.