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How to Create a Better “About” Page for Your Website

According to Google, “About” pages are the second most viewed page on a website. Surprising, I know. But even more surprising is that many businesses think an effective “About” page is a dry recount of their life along with a photo of their dog and a list of their favorite hobbies. Sorry, but that’s not going to convince a website visitor to buy your product or service.

An “About” page is a marketing tool and should be optimized to help get your visitors from where they are now (without your product) to where you want them to be (a happy customer). An effective “About” page tells your story while convincing the prospect that you are capable of solving their problem. It takes a little skill to look at a story that way, but in this presentation you’ll learn how.

About the Speaker:

Laura Babcock has seen business ownership from both inside and out – the passionate, working-in-the-trenches-wearing-many-hats owner; and the dedicated and honest voice of reason advice-giver. For seven years Laura owned and operated Laura’s Candy Inc., and for the last eight years has worked for organizations that help entrepreneurs and small business owners. Currently, Laura is a business consultant focusing on marketing – specifically content creation – for the South Central Region SBDC in Mankato. She is also a freelance copywriter, creating written marketing content for small- and medium-sized businesses. Laura has had articles published by AllBusiness and Connect Business magazine.

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