The Community Vitality Indicators (CVI) is a way of assessing how well counties in the state are doing on a core set of metrics. Taken together, these variables are intended to provide counties with a snapshot of how they stack up relative to other counties in the state. By tracking these measures over time, counties and other government entities can determine the degree to which they are achieving positive improvements on one or more of these key measures. The CVI was developed at Purdue University and constitutes the following variables:

• Population Estimates
• Public School Enrollment (Percent of Population Under 18 Years)
• Public High School Graduation Rate
• Percent Population with Associates Degree or Higher
• Gross Assessed Value Per Capita
• Per Capita Personal Income

Counties are given a ranking on each variable. For example, a county with the best public high school graduation rate is assigned a rank of 1 while the one with the lowest high school graduation rate is given a rank of 87. The final overall ranking of a county is simply the summation of its ranking on all six measures, arranged in ascending order (with the lowest number representing the top ranking and the highest number representing the county with the poorest ranking). All six variables are given equal weights.

Cvi 2019
1 – 29
30 – 59
60 – 87

Region Nine Rankings

13 Blue Earth
15 Nicollet
27 Le Sueur
37 Martin
50 Sibley
53 Waseca
64 Brown
83 Watonwan
87 Faribault