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MedTech Connect

MedTech Connect

MedTech Connect is an initiative to support medical device manufactureers in the regoin. Connecting medical device manufacturers to resources will enable the region to become a global leader in the medical device industry. 

The MedTech Connect project:


Assess the readiness of the region to support a medical device manufacturing cluster. 


Create a medical manufacturing cohort consisting of manufacturing firms, users of medical devices, health care experts, and economic developers. 


Develop actionable tactics for the recruitment and retention of medical device manufacturers for the region.

The goal of MedTech Connect is to produce a strategic plan for medical device manufacturing in the region. This plan will help connect local economic developers to medical device manufactures to help support the industry. It will also create a mutually beneficial climate where manufactures have the resources they need to be successful and the cities can provide those resources to them. 

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To find out how you get involved with MedTech Connect, contact:

Brent PearsonBrent Pearson
Project Manager
(507) 389-8867

Region Nine, through funding provided by the federal Economic Development Administration, is leading the way in south central Minnesota to establish collaboration among stakeholders in medical device manufacturing. MedTech Connect is part of two larger initiatives, Investing in Manufacturing Communities Partnership and the Minnesota Medical Manufacturing Partnership.  In 2015, the Minnesota Medical Manufacturing Partnership was named as one of the 12 designees in the second round of the Investing in Manufacturing Communities Partnership initiative. Led by the U.S. Department of Commerce, the Investing in Manufacturing Communities Partnership is a multi-agency program designed to leverage economic development funds and accelerate the resurgence of manufacturing nationwide by supporting the development of long-term economic development strategies. Region Nine is expanding this designation to include the nine county region and further drive southern Minnesota to become a global leader in medical device manufacturing.